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INTERSCHUTZ - SIAN finally sees the rainbow in June
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INTERSCHUTZ - SIAN finally sees the rainbow in June

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After a two-year delay due to the pandemic, in June 2022, the world's largest trade show for fire and rescue services, civil protection, safety & security will once again present exhibitors and visitors with an unparalleled global industry summit. As in previous editions, firefighting, rescue and fire prevention will continue to be the major highlights of this event. At that time, an independent forum will be opened closely around the three major themes of the industry, providing people with opportunities for in-depth conversations and exchanges.

With the end of the epidemic in Shanghai, the visa office of the German Consulate General in Shanghai also resumed work on June 7, and SIAN's trip to the Hannover Fire Exhibition (INTERSCHUTZ) in Germany has finally completed a crucial step - visa!

As early as 2018, SIAN has decided to participate in the INTERSCHUTZ fire exhibition in June 2020, and set up a 28-square-meter booth (G50-3-1) in Hall 13 of the Hannover International Exhibition Center in Germany. But the good times didn't last long. A global epidemic-COVID-19 forced the world's top fire safety exhibition to be postponed, and it was finally set in June two years later.


At the beginning of 2022, combined with the experience of holding a foreign exhibition and returning to Dubai LPG WEEK in December last year, SIAN has made more preparations for the prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic this year, and cooperated with foreign professional booth designers and builders to build booths in order to In June of this year, SIAN's spirit of "ingenuity as rich and rigorous as China" can be conveyed to every international friend present.



With the preparations for the INTERSCHUTZ fire exhibition in full swing, a shocking news came suddenly - Shanghai is closed.



Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic in Shanghai in 2022, the visa office of the German Consulate General in Shanghai has been closed since mid-March 2022. During this period, SIAN still did not give up any opportunity to go to the INTERSCHUTZ exhibition, and always pays attention to the information of the German Consulate , and constantly have to contact them by email and phone, even if the results are often not good.


The opening of the exhibition is approaching day by day, and our mood is getting more and more nervous. Finally, on June 7th, we received the news that the visa office of the German Consulate General in Shanghai is open. The visa requirements were sent for a while, and two of them successfully booked the visa time and went to Shanghai on the second day, and successfully obtained the visa!

At this point, the hanging heart is put down.

Although the journey was bumpy, but the rain passed and the sky was fine, and finally saw the rainbow.

"Ingenuity is as rich, rigorous as China".

SIAN's belief became stronger and stronger in joy.

I look forward to meeting you at G50-3-1, Hall 13, Hannover Messe, Germany, from June 20th to June 25th.


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