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Maximizing Safety and Efficiency with SIAN's Advanced LPG OPD Valve
02 June 2023

If you're using LPG cylinders, you know how important it is to prioritize safety and efficiency. That's why the LPG OPD Valve is a must-have for any LPG distribution system. The LPG OPD Valve is a safety device that prevents overfilling of LPG cylinders, protecting against accidents and leaks caused

The Magic of Carbon Dioxide Soda Valve in Summer
31 March 2023

As summer arrives, everyone is thinking about how to beat the heat. Many people choose to prepare some cold drinks at home, such as iced tea, cola, and so on. But do you know what secrets lie behind those tiny bubbles? This is thanks to the carbon dioxide soda valve.

Experience the Perfect Blend of Science and Safety with SiAN Advanced LPG POL Valves
27 April 2023

The PG Cylinder POL Valve is a vital component of LPG cylinders, widely used for cooking, heating, and other purposes in households, restaurants, hotels, and industries. This type of valve, commonly used in America and other regions, has several functions and features that make it a reliable and saf

See the Future of LPG Technology with SIAN's Cylinder Valve at NPGA Exhibition
28 April 2023

Exciting news from the NPGA expo! Sian, a prominent manufacturer in the LPG cylinder valve industry, brought the latest product to showcase at the event and it's already generating buzz. Attendees are impressed by its durability and innovative design, which could revolutionize the industry.Sian's LP

Mastering the Power of Foam Extinguisher Valves: Critical Components for Firefighting Success
04 April 2023

Foam extinguisher valves are a critical component of firefighting equipment that serve to regulate the flow of water and foam in the generation of a high-quality foam necessary for extinguishing fires.

China Digest: eWTP leads funding in Lacheer; Matrix Partners backs Shulie
20 February 2021

Lacheer has closed its Series B round led by eWTP while Shulie Technology has raised Series A financing led by MatrixPartners China.

SiAN Participation in the 36th AIGLP LPG Exhibition: A Showcase of Our Technical Proficiency and Market Leadership
30 March 2023

SiAN recently participated in the 36th AIGLP LPG Exhibition in Mexico, a distinguished gathering of LPG industry leaders and practitioners from around the world. As a premier manufacturer of LPG valves, we were thrilled to bring our expertly crafted, cutting-edge products to the podium and showcase

The National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) is the national trade association representing the U.S. propane industry.
08 March 2023

2023 Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo™In 2023, from April 23th to 25th, our company will participate in 2023 Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo™ in Music City Center Nashville, TN.Our booth is NO.654,

You Can Buy Our Company's H2 Cylinder Valve with Confidence
13 January 2023

An industrial gas valve is a flow control device used to process and control the flow of liquefied petroleum gas, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, natural gas, and other gases. H2 Cylinder Valve is one of them.

Usage Scenarios and Quality Assurance of Co2 Cylinder Valve
06 January 2023

Industrial gas valves are a popular type of valve that can be used in a variety of applications, such as the Co2 Cylinder Valve is one of them. They use linear motion as a flow throttling valve, they are used to control the flow in the pipeline and also to adjust the position of the movable valve plug relative to the fixed ring seat.

Properties and Materials of Industrial Gas Valves
29 December 2022

The valve is a control element in the fluid conveying system, which has functions such as backflow prevention, pressure relief, cut-off, regulation, regulation, diversion or overflow, and diversion. There are many types of valves used in fluid control systems, from the simplest globe valves to the various valves used in extremely complex automatic control systems.

Installation Requirements and Installation Environment of Cl2 Cylinder Valve
23 December 2022

Industrial valves are devices used to control the direction, pressure, and flow of fluids in fluid systems, to flow or stop media (liquids, gases, powders) in pipes and equipment, and to control their flow. Industrial gas valves refer specifically to gas control devices.

SiAN will appear at two major exhibitions at home and abroad in November
28 October 2022

In November 2022, SiAN will participate in two major gas industry exhibitions at home and abroad, namely the 11th Thailand International Oil and Gas Exhibition (OGET), and the 24th China International Gas Technology, Equipment and Application Exhibition (IG, CHINA).

SiAN debuts at Russian Exhibition
20 September 2022

On September 13, 2022, the 19th Russia (Cooling) Cryogenic Equipment, Industrial Gas and Equipment Trade Exhibition and the Russian International Gas Industry Facilities and Technology Exhibition in 2022 were grandly opened in Moscow and St. Petersburg respectively!Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases in

What are the advantages of using the compact valve?
02 September 2022

The compact valve is a force-sealing valve, so when closing the valve, pressure must be applied to the valve plate so that the sealing surface does not leak. What are the characteristics of the use of compact valves?How does the compact valve work?What are the design features of the compact valve?

What do you know about Jumbo Valve?
16 August 2022

Jumbo Valve is widely used for refilling LPG tanks and cooking at home, such as grill, stove burner, etc. What are the installation requirements for Jumbo Valve?What is Jumbo Valve?How is Jumbo Valve used? What are the installation requirements for Jumbo Valve?1.To operate the Jumbo Valve, a gear me

How can we install the QCC valve?
12 August 2022

QCC valve is a nut and pipe joint assembly, which can be easily identified by the right external thread on the cylinder valve. QCC valve patented nuts can be easily connected and tightened without tools. It also has an internal left-hand thread that allows you to connect devices that still use pol c

What is the importance of the ForkLift Valve?
20 July 2022

ForkLift Valve plays the role of decompression and overflow in the hydraulic system of the forklift to protect and maintain the pressure of the hydraulic system. It is connected to the steering machine through the relevant pipeline to realize the steering of the forklift.

INTERSCHUTZ - SIAN finally sees the rainbow in June
17 June 2022

After a two-year delay due to the pandemic, in June 2022, the world's largest trade show for fire and rescue services, civil protection, safety & security will once again present exhibitors and visitors with an unparalleled global industry summit. As in previous editions, firefighting, rescue and fi

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