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CNG Valve
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CNG VALVE is used on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cylinder .

The main component of CNG is methane (CH4).

CNG refers to gaseous natural gas compressed to a pressure greater than or equal to 10 MPa and no greater than 25 MPa. The natural gas is pressurized and stored in a gaseous state in a container.

SiAN CNG valve is not only safe and reliable, but also to provide users with better safety gas use experience. We have been cooperating with domestic and overseas well-known oil & gas companies, gas cylinder companies.SIAN offers different kinds of CNG valves, such as CNG Cylinder Brass Gas Valve, Industrial Cylinder CNG Valve and Shut Off Cylinder CNG Valve.

SiAN committed to fluid control, creating a safe and livable enviroment for humans.



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