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Lock Off Tank Filler LPG Valve
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Lock Off Tank Filler LPG Valve

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•Model: 06-622-702A
•Medium: LPG
•WP (MPa): 1.75MPa
•Inlet Thread: 3/4-14 NGT
Price: $ 3.2 / set
  • 06-622-702A
  • CK-4 K4 plug-in inflation valve


Product Description: 

SiAN lock off tank filler LPG valve is commonly used for LPG tank refill and home cooking, such as barbecue grill, stove burner, etc.

SiAN most advanced cutting edge equipment produces first-class valves. Sian LPG cylinder valves are not only safe and reliable, but also to provide users with better safety gas use experience. 

Our CK-4 K4 plug-in inflation valve handels the pressure safety super well. 

With SiAN LPG valve installed to the gas tank or the gas cylinder, our clients are able to enjoy not only usual home-cooking time but also other kinds of happy-cooking time like barbecue with family and friends!

Product Characteristics:

1. Lock off tank filler LPG Valve

2. Copper alloy LPG valve 

3. LPG valve made in China Ningbo Fuhua Valve Factory

Data Sheet:

Product   Name Product Model Product   ID Medium WP(MPa) Inlet   Thread Outlet   Thread  Nominal   Diameter Φmm Safety Device
Lock Off Tank Filler LPG Valve CK-4 06-622-702A LPG 1.75MPa 3/4-14 NGT Φ19 6.4 2.6-3.3MPa

•Product Standard:Q/NFH 23-2012

•Cylinder Nominal Working Pressure: 1.75MPa



Question 1

Question:  How many colors can I choose to customize our valves?

Answer: You can choose different colors for the same type of valves or assign different colors to different typed valves.

Question 2

Question:  How long will it take to receive my order?

Answer: The lead-time depends on your order quantity and destination.

Question 3

Question:  How about you to control quality?


A. All the raw materials by IQC(Incoming Quality Control) before launch whole process into the process after the lay-off.

B. Process each link in the process of IPQC(Input Process Quality Control) patrol inspection.

C. After finished by QC full inspection before packing into the next process packaging.

D. OQC before shipment for each valve to do full inspection.

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