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SiAN PV06 Brass Safety LPG Gas Cylinder POL Valves Propane Tank Control Valve
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SiAN PV06 Brass Safety LPG Gas Cylinder POL Valves Propane Tank Control Valve

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•Model: 06-610-758
•Medium: LPG
•Inlet Thread:3/4“-14 NGT
•Outlet Thread:0.885“-14NGO-LH-INT
•WP (MPa): 17bar (250psi)
•Safety Device:26bar (375psi)
  • 06-610-758

  • SiAN

  • PV06

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Product Description:

The PV06 LPG Cylinder POL Valve typically conforms to the POL (Prest-O-Lite) thread standard, which has a diameter of 0.885 inches and 14 threads per inch.

This thread standard is widely used for North America LPG cylinder valves and regulators. Therefore, adding its thread standard to relevant documents is important.

It features a high-quality seal and leak protection for safe operation, and a precision control knob for accurate gas flow adjustment.

SiAN brass safety valve is easy to install and operate, even for non-professionals, and is made from environmentally friendly and durable materials to ensure long-lasting use.

SiAN LPG cylinder valve is designed to provide efficient and reliable gas flow control for propane tanks. The Brass Valve is made of durable materials to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and features a compatible POL connection for easy installation and hassle-free connection.

The valve is engineered to ensure safe and precise regulation of gas flow, making it an ideal choice for residential or commercial applications where high-volume propane usage is required.

Product Characteristics:

  1. Standardization: The use of a widely accepted thread standard ensures compatibility and interchangeability between LPG cylinder valves and regulators from different manufacturers.

  2. Convenience: The use of a standardized thread simplifies the process of attaching and detaching LPG cylinder valves and regulators, making it more convenient for users.

  3. Safety: The use of a standardized thread reduces the risk of gas leaks and other hazards associated with incompatible or improperly fitted components.


Question 1

Question:   What about the method of delivery?

Answer:  As per our experience, the method of delivery we can do is by sea and by air.

Question 2

Question:  Can you tell me more about your clause about OEM?

Answer:  Yes,you can send your own design and logo, we'll open new mold and print or emboss any logo for you.

Question 3

Question:  Can you sell valve together with cylinder?

Answer:  Yes.

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