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The Scenes behind the Dubai LPG Week Exhibition is more Exciting
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The Scenes behind the Dubai LPG Week Exhibition is more Exciting

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The story behind the exhibition is more fabulous

Ningbo Fuhua Valve Co., Ltd. (SiAN) never fights unprepared battles!

Fuhua Valve spent 2 months in total to prepare for the exhibition from confirming to participate the exhibition to going to the exhibition in Dubai, including planning the exhibition itinerary, making exhibition reports, organizing exhibit samples, designing brochures, printing posters, and preparing anti-epidemic materials .......

Exhibit Samples Organizing


Exhibition Advertising Video Preparation




Exhibitor confirmation

Ray Gao


Michael Miao


When SiAN’s participation in Dubai LPG Week exhibition was confirmed, SiAN's business managers nominated themselves in succession striving for going to the Dubai LPG Week exhibition. Considering currently the still severe situation of COVID-19 pandemic, in order to ensure the safety and health of employees, SiAN made the best proposal based on the actual situation and sent two business managers with rich overseas experience to attend the Dubai LPG Week managing the exhibition.

Test & Persevere

As the opening ceremony of the exhibition was approaching, SiAN has also encountered a series of problems and tests in the preparation of this exhibition, during which SiAN has kept its original intention with upholding its corporate core values "Unity", "Pragmatism", "Efficiency" and "Innovation" to overcome all difficulties one by one.

Due to the pandemic impact, nine domestic LPG industry leaders booked their booths from the beginning, but eventually cancelled their exhibition agenda. Hence, we SiAN has become the only company in China that went to Dubai to attend the LPG Week exhibition.


On 2nd December, 2021, the second day before departure, under the presiding of Mr. Luo, we launched the mobilization meeting for Dubai LPG Week.

During this meeting, Mr. Luo showed the deep attention and importance of this LPG Week exhibition on behalf of all the employees of Ningbo Fuhua Valve Co., Ltd., and spoke highly of everyone who has made efforts in the front and back of the exhibition, in particular praising the determination of our two business managers (Ray & Michael) who went overseas to attend the exhibition, and thanked them for their dedication to SiAN. In the meantime, Mr. Luo also reminded them of the anti-epidemic matters needed to pay attention to when they are in foreign country.

Exhibition Arrangement


On 4th, December, 2021, after a 10-hour air journey

Ray and Michael finally arrived in Dubai with large and small packages


After reaching Dubai, Ray and Michael immediately started to set up the booth


Booth Arrangement Completed

After a whole day of hard work, the booth set-up was finally completed with satisfactory outcome, which was praised and recognized by the organizer


During the 3-day LPG Week exhibition, we showed the achievements our company has made in the professional field of LPG valves through years’ ploughing to the visitors from all over the world. Our booth attracted many exhibitors to visit, and our sales colleagues were always communicating with visitors with full enthusiasm and patience, from whose introduction the features and advantages of our presented valve samples are completely demonstrated to these professional visitors or exhibitors who all showed strong will for cooperation after they had a certain understanding of our products.

Latest Updates

After the exhibition, Ray and Michael still stayed in Dubai for local research and meeting with customers, we look forward to the safe and smooth return of our two colleagues.

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