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Valve R&D,Director


Job requirements

1、Bachelor degree or above,major in mechanics,etc.;
2、35-50 years old, at least 3 years of valve technical design experience, and more than 3 years of department management experience;
3、Familiar with 2D and 3D series software such as CAD, Solidworks, Pro/E;
4、CET-4 or above, proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing (need to connect with European R&D center);
5、Familiar with ISO9000/01 quality management system, knowledge of TS16949 is preferred;
6、Have strong communication and coordination, management skills and a good team spirit;
7、Lead a team of more than 10 people, with experience in team building and platform building.


Job Responsibilities

1、Participate in the company's annual work plan for product development and technical design;
2、Lead the department team, responsible for the transformation, design and standardization management of all the company's product 
technical drawings;
3、Responsible for the update and review of the technical and operational requirements, specifications, and inspection standards of 
each process;
4、Responsible for technical support and improvement of the sales field and production site;
5、Responsible for providing technical support to other relevant departments of the company;
6、Assist relevant departments in quality system construction, valve and valve body product certification arrangements and certification 
data preparation;
7、Responsible for the personnel management of the technical team (including Hangzhou R&D center and European R&D center), improving the 
overall technical level of the department.


Salary: Negotiable


Working PlaceMinghao Mansion, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

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