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How to check the CNG valve?
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How to check the CNG valve?

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CNG is the shortening of Compressed Natural Gas. CNG can be used in a variety of industries, apart from applying it for domestic use. CNG can also be used as fuel for vehicle engines and industrial productions after multi-stage pressurization to about 20MPa. The CNG valve as the name replies is the key equipment to control the use and storage of compressed natural gas. It is invented for safer and better use of CNG. So, what is a CNG valve, and how to check the CNG valve exactly? Please allow me to introduce them to you in the following contents.


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What is a CNG valve?

How to check the CNG valve?


What is a CNG valve?

CNG valve is a new type of safety equipment for gas pipeline engineering; it is used to cut off, connect and adjust the gas in the pipeline, with good control characteristics and closing and sealing performance; suitable for city gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, Oxygen, and other fuel gas medium pipelines. CNG valves are used for CNG, methane, ethane, and other similar gas services. The valve body is made of high-quality forged brass, which can resist high pressure. The innovative core design reduces the pressure in the internal area, thereby making the CNG valve highly safe. Generally, CNG valves can be applied from 0 psi to more than 6400 psi.


How to check the CNG valve?

So, how to check such valves exactly? For those domestic CNG valves, the first thing and most common thing to check is whether the valve is open. There are two ways to check it out. The first way: The CNG valve has a handle generally. When this handle is parallel to the pipe, then this means it is open, and when it is vertical, it means it is closed. If there is not a stick-like handle, then they usually have a rectangular main handle on the valve. The handle is parallel to the pipe in the open state, and when the rectangular handle is in the vertical state, then it means it is closed. After checking the working condition of the CNG valve, then you could either turn on or off the CNG valve by using the switch opening or closing process. Since the closing process of CNG valves is just the opposite of the opening process, so I only discuss the opening process for short: First, rotate the valve on the gas pipeline 90 degrees clockwise. The switch on the gas stove is pressed down to generate an electric spark. And rotate the controller to open the gas channel and let the gas ignite.


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