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How to remove a fire extinguisher valve?
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How to remove a fire extinguisher valve?

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When an engineer performs extended service on a stored pressure extinguisher, the head cap of the extinguisher must be removed so that the lining of the extinguisher can be inspected. Traditionally, a specially designed wrench would be used for this purpose and once the head cap is replaced on the extinguisher, another tool would be used to connect it to the nitrogen/dry air tank for charging. These fire extinguisher valve removal rods are used to remove the head cap by screwing directly into the hose threads. The fire extinguisher valve can be used safely as long as the procedure is done correctly.


What are Fire extinguisher valves?

Principle of fire extinguisher valve

How to use a fire extinguisher valve?


1) What are Fire extinguisher valves?

A fire extinguisher, also known as a fire extinguishing cylinder, is a portable fire extinguishing tool. Fire extinguishers contain chemicals that are used to put out fires and alarms. A Fire extinguisher is one of the common fire prevention facilities, stored in public places or places where fire may occur. Fire extinguishers are generally controlled by fire extinguisher valve openings, fire extinguisher valve is also called a safety valve. The fire extinguisher valve should be equipped with a fire extinguisher valve. this safety device can be a safety pin, can also play the same role of other structures. fire extinguisher valve should have a lead seal or plastic tape seal, lead seal or plastic tape seal is a one-time use, where the safety pin on the lead seal or plastic tape seal has fallen off, broken phenomenon, indicating that the fire extinguisher valve should have a lead seal or plastic tape seal, the lead seal or plastic tape seal is a one-time use, where the safety pin on the lead seal or plastic tape seal has fallen off, broken phenomenon, that the fire extinguisher has been used.


2) Principle of fire extinguisher valve

The principle of fire extinguisher valve is based on the nature of carbon dioxide can neither burn, nor support natural burning, people have developed a variety of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, there are foam fire extinguishers, dry powder fire extinguishers and liquid carbon dioxide fire extinguishers wind fire extinguishers. A dry powder fire extinguisher is filled with a dry powder extinguishing agent. A dry powder extinguishing agent is used to extinguish the dry and easy to flow microfine powder, by the fire extinguishing efficiency of inorganic salts and a small number of additives by drying, crushing, mixing and microfine solid powder composition.


3) How to use a fire extinguisher valve?

The fire extinguisher valve uses a special type of drill column float valve. This fire extinguisher valve prevents compressed air or other gases in the annulus and the rock chips carried back into the extinguisher. This valve is equipped with a flap primary structure, when the cycle stops the compressed air and rock chips in the annulus will flow back, the return flow to push the flap closed, in turn, to stop the return flow. The floating valve is improved by designing a low melting point valve made of alloy in its upper part (using zinc ring processing to form a fire valve consisting of two parts: the one-way valve assembly and the fuse-off valve assembly. Under normal conditions, the circulating air flow pressure makes the spring flap open downward, allowing air to circulate through. Once the ring is on fire, the temperature rises, and when the design temperature is exceeded, the low melting point alloy zinc ring melts so that the bushing seals the air flow path, closing the valve and stopping the supplemental air supply so that the fire is extinguished. 




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