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What are the advantages and disadvantages of LPG valves?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of LPG valves?

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If you are a participator working in the industry about refining liquefied petroleum, you must have know LPG which is the abbreviation of liquefied petroleum gas. With the development of the petrochemical industry, LPG as a basic chemical raw material and new fuel has been paid more and more attention.


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Where do the valves of LGP come from?

What are the advantages of LGP valves?

What are the disadvantages of LGP valves?


Where do the valves of LGP come from?

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a kind of colorless volatile liquid obtained from natural gas or petroleum liquefaction under pressure and temperature in the refinery. The main components of LPG produced by refinery are one or two of propane, propylene, butane and butene, and it is also doped with a small amount of pentane, pentene and Trace Sulfide impurities.

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is mainly used as petrochemical raw materials for cracking hydrocarbons to ethylene or steam reforming to syngas. It can be used as industrial, civil and internal combustion engine fuel. The main quality control indexes are evaporation residue, sulfur content and sometimes olefin content.


What are the advantages of LGP valves?

Normally, LPG refers to the liquefied petroleum gas under high pressure or low temperature, referred to as "liquefied petroleum gas" or "liquefied gas". LPG can be used in different areas such as the raw materials for the petrochemical industry, solvents for low temperature extraction of subcritical biotechnology and fuels to provide energy. Especially, there are lots of advantages for LGP used for fuels.  

(1) Less pollution

LPG is a hydrocarbon composed of C3 (C3) and C4 (C4), which can be burned completely without dust. The application in modern cities can greatly reduce the pollution caused by coal and firewood in the past.

(2) High calorific value

The calorific value of LPG with the same weight is twice that of coal, and its liquid calorific value is 45,185-45,980 kJ/kg.

(3) Easy to transport

LPG is a gas under normal temperature and pressure. It can be liquefied into liquid under certain pressure or frozen to a certain temperature. It can be transported by train (or car) tanker and LPG ship on land and water.

(4) Pressure stability

The pressure in front of the stove of the LPG pipeline is not changed, so it is convenient for users to use.

(5) Simple storage and flexible supply

Compared with the production, storage and supply of city gas, LPG storage equipment is relatively simple. LPG storage tank is used in the gas station, and it can be installed in the gas cylinder for users to use. Gas supply can also be realized through the gas distribution station and supply pipe network. Butane gas can even be loaded in small bottles, which can be used as the hot pot fuel on the dining table.

Due to the above advantages, LPG is widely used as industrial, commercial and civil fuel. At the same time, its chemical composition determines that LPG is also a very useful chemical raw material, so it is also widely used in the production of various chemical products.


What are the disadvantages of LGP valves?

Although the advantages of LPG above, we still need to pay attention to the disadvantages of LPG when using it in order to avoid major industrial accidents.

Firstly, LPG is easy to explode. The main reason is that the calorific value of liquefied petroleum gas is relatively high. Compared to the calorific value alone, the calorific value of liquefied petroleum gas is several times higher than that of ordinary gas, so when there is a safety accident of liquefied petroleum gas, there will be an explosion. After the explosion, there will be a combustion phenomenon, and the combustion of LPG is similar to the power of the explosion, which is destructive.

Secondly, because of the toxicity of liquefied petroleum gas, when the human body is exposed to such toxicity, there will be vomiting, nausea and even coma, which will bring great harm to the human body.

Thirdly, LPG is very easy to flow, once there is a leakage, LPG will flow out of the reservoir. And in general, 1 liter of liquefied petroleum gas will volatilize into 350 liters of gas after flowing out. These gases will burn when they encounter electricity, causing a serious fire.


In the process of using liquefied petroleum gas, the safety management of enterprise equipment is very important. In the process of using, enterprises need to timely repair and adjust the existing equipment, and update the vulnerable or aging equipment regularly. In order to ensure the safe use of LPG equipment, detailed safety operation procedures should be formulated for the LPG equipment, and the safe use of the equipment should be strictly controlled. Only in this way can LPG be better used by enterprises.

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