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What are the characteristics of the CGA valve for medical use?
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What are the characteristics of the CGA valve for medical use?

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Let us see the product features of our CGA valve for medical use.

1. CGA valve for medical use using brass 870 CGA valve for medical use

2. Our SiAN brand oxygen valve produced by the well-known manufacturer Ningbo Fuhua valve Factory

3. CGA valve for medical use uses CGA870-2A3 O2 cylinder valve made of copper alloy.


1) What are CGA valves for medical uses?

2) Types and characteristics

3) Features of CGA valve for medical uses


1) What are CGA valves for medical uses?

A valve is an electromechanical device that regulates, controls or directs the flow of a fluid by opening, closing or partially blocking the flow of fluid.

Don't you find the CGA valve for medical purposes a bit complicated? Well, let me simplify it even further. CGA valves for medical purposes are mechanical devices used to control the flow and pressure of gases in a system or process. Essentially, it controls flow and pressure.

There are many manufacturers of CGA valves for medical purposes around the world. We are one of the world's leading valve brands with an annual production of 20 million valve sets. Our sales network covers more than 50 countries and regions worldwide. Many common valves and applications such as ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, etc. are described in a separate article. You can refer to this document for more information.


2) Types and characteristics

What are the common connection methods of valves?

1、Flange connection: It is a valve body with flanges at both ends, corresponding to the flanges on the pipeline, and installed in the pipeline by bolting the flanges. Flange connection is the most used connection form in the valve. Flanges are convex (RF), flat (FF), convex and concave (MF), etc.

2、Clamp connection: the valve is installed in the middle of the two flanges, the valve body usually has positioning holes to facilitate the installation of positioning, with bolts directly to the valve and the two ends of the pipeline wear clamped together in the form of connection.

3、Welding connection: The valve body ends are processed into butt welding bevels according to the requirements of butt welding, corresponding to the pipeline welding bevels, fixed to the pipeline by welding.

4、Socket welding connection: The two ends of the valve body are processed according to the socket welding requirements and connected to the pipeline by socket welding.

5、Threaded connection: Threaded connection is a simple connection method, commonly used in small valves. The valve body is processed according to each thread standard, there are two kinds of internal thread and external thread. Correspond with the thread on the pipe.

6、Clamp connection: This is a quick connection method, which requires only two bolts and is suitable for low-pressure valves that are often disassembled. Such as sanitary valves.

7、Internal self-tightening connection: The above various connection forms are used to counteract the medium pressure and achieve sealing by using external force. The following introduces the use of media pressure for self-tightening connection form.

It is installed at the inner cone seal ring, and the media side of a certain angle, the media pressure to the inner cone, and to the seal ring, at a certain angle of the cone, resulting in two forces, one parallel to the centerline of the valve body outward, the other pressure to the inner wall of the valve body.


3) Features of CGA valve for medical uses

Passed leak test. The high-strength forged brass valve body is durable even at high working pressures. All components are precision machined to meet international valve performance standards. Automated assembly and inspection processes ensure superior gas valve quality. This pressure relief device is tampered proof due to its uniform plug design that ensures excellent flow characteristics and proper seal assembly. The direct drive stem design is optimized to reduce friction between seals, allowing the gas valve to be operated with very low torque. The metal-to-metal seal under the hood threads prevents pressure on the upper valve body threads. Inlet and outlet configurations are available to meet a wide range of applications and customer specification requirements.

Our valves have been safety tested in state-of-the-art testing labs. You can rest assured that we have the highest quality and widest selection of cylinder valves to meet your every need. If you cannot find a particular valve here, please contact us today. We will be happy to suggest the best valve for you to ensure the highest safety and performance, so we can meet all your valve needs.



With an annual production of 20 million sets of valves, we are one of the leading valve brands in the world. Our sales network covers more than 50 countries and regions.



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