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What are the types of LPG valves?
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What are the types of LPG valves?

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LPG is the main component of hydrocarbons such as propane and butane. The full name of LPG is liquefied petroleum gas, it is an odorless and flammable fuel that requires the correct components to be used safely in various applications. LPG valves are generally invented and installed to make sure the safe use of LPG. LPG valve manufacturers generally provide different types of valves for processing LPG in different situations and different purposes, such as safety relief valves, ball valves, etc. So, what are the different types of LPG valves? Please allow me to introduce them to you in the following contents.


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What are the factors that differentiate LPG valves?

What are the common types of LPG valves?



What are the factors that differentiate LPG valves?

Generally, 3 factors differentiate the LPG values. The first one is the application of the LPG valve. LPG valves are used to control domestic cooking fuel and are also used in many industrial and commercial applications. Also, even the valves are used for the same kind of fuel, they could operate different functions as well, some for the shut-off of gas supply when there is an overpressure, some for the release of pressure to make sure there is a stable safe pressure level for the operations. The second main factor is the performance of the valve. Since the main purpose of the LPG valve is to protect life and property in the LPG using environment from overpressure hazards. Therefore, the performance of an LPG valve is judged by the fixing speed of the dangerous condition and the maximum working pressure of the valve itself. For example, when dealing with the pressure in the boiler, the higher the maximum allowable working pressure of the equipment is, then the higher the performance level of a suitable and reliable LPG valve should be. The third main factor that differentiates the LPG valves is the cost and maintenance. This is the most important factor for those who are sensitive to numbers and different LPG valves tend to have different prices.

What are the common types of LPG valves?

Normally, the most popular way people differentiate the LPG valves is by the applications of them. For example, several normal kinds of valves are judged by usages: The overpressure shutoff LPG valve, which will trip and cut off the gas supply when an overpressure condition exists. The low-pressure shut-off LPG valve, which will be used if the gas pressure is lower than the set pressure value. In this condition, the low-pressure shut-off LPG valve will trip and cut off the gas supply, then the gas user can reset it. A pressure relief LPG valve is a valve installed on the top of a bulk fuel tank to release the pressure inside the fuel tank when the internal pressure rises due to external influences such as the impact of heat radiation from a fire source. The emergency control LPG valve is another kind of LPG valve that is designed to allow gas users to cut off the gas supply when escaping.


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