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What is LPG valve used for?
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What is LPG valve used for?

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LPG, short for liquefied petroleum gas, is a member of the oil products family which is broadly applied in everyone's daily life in rural and urban China. What's more, LPG can also serve as an industrial fuel and combustion engine fuel as well as domestic fuel. LPG valve is a machine serving as a switch to decide whether to release LPG. In order to ensure safety in the transportation of LPG, LPG valve is widely used in LPG tankers or vessels around the world.


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Here is the content list:

I. What are the advantages of LPG?

II. What categories can LPG valve be divided into?

III. Where can LPG valve be put into use?



What are the advantages of LPG?

It is known to all that due to the development of the petrochemical industry, LPG gets more attention as a basic raw material for the chemical industry and a new type of fuel. The advantages of LPG embody these aspects below, that's why we need to transport LPG and install LPG valve.

1. Less pollution. LPG is a hydrocarbon composed of C3 and C4 which is free of dust and can be totally combusted. Its application in modern cities can largely reduce the pollution caused by coal and firewood, which served as major domestic fuels in the past.

2. Higher heat generation. LPG can generate twice as much as coal does with the same weight.

3. Easy for transportation. LPG can be liquefied when appropriate pressure is applied or when the temperature is sufficiently reduced.

4. Stable pressure. Pipeline pressure to gas cookers remains invariable, which is convenient for LPG pipeline users.

5. Simple storage facilities. LPG requires simpler storage facilities compared with urban coal gas.

6. Flexible supply. LPG can be supplied through a gas distribution station and pipeline network.  

7. Chemical compositions. LPG is a useful raw material for the chemical industry and is widely applied in the production of various chemical products.


What categories can LPG valve be divided into?

The family of LPG valves can be classified into LPG cylinder valves, industrial gas cylinder valves, CNG valves, medical gas valves, fire extinguisher valves, etc., totally more than 300 varieties of valves and related accessories.


Where can LPG valve be put into use?

Because of the accessible liquid LPG, LPG can be stored in tanks and can be filled in cylinders where LPG valve is needed to control the switch of LPG. For example, you may see lots of small bottles filled with LPG in many restaurants, serving as convenient hot pot fuel. You need to turn the LPG valve on or off to control the fire it produces.



Due to the seven advantages above about LPG, LPG is very popular in energy, chemistry, petrol and many other industries, in which LPG valve is necessary for LPG’s broader application. LPG valve can be classified into more than 300 varieties according to its function and structure. LPG valve can be used in restaurants, citizen’s houses, factories and etc. whenever a bottle of LPG needs to serve as fuel.



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