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What is a CGA Valve for medical use?
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What is a CGA Valve for medical use?

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SIAN Valve has more than 30 years of experience in valve manufacturing and R&D, specializing in fire valves, LPG cylinder valves, industrial gas cylinder valves, medical gas valves, etc. Do you know about CGA Valve for medical use? Let's get to know about CGA Valve for medical use.


Brief introduction to the CGA Valve for medical use

CGA Valve for medical use installation requirements

Assembly precautions for CGA Valve for medical uses


1) Brief introduction to the CGA

The Compressed Gas Association of America (CGA), or CGA for short, is the world's oldest major industrial and medical gas association.

In January 1913, Robert King sent a letter to 75 U.S. compressed gas manufacturers inviting them to a meeting in New York City for the purpose of organizing a new industry association: The Compressed Gas Manufacturers Association. In March of the same year, the association's offices were moved to New York City. By 1914, the association had 77 U.S. members and 5 Canadian members, and in 1948, the association changed its name to include compressed gas manufacturers as well as manufacturers of cylinders, pressure reducing valves, valves and other equipment for the industry.

Since 1914, the CGA has been dedicated to developing industry standards, pursuing common management protocols, and focusing on technical and safety matters. The association's chapters and technical committees conduct safety seminars and video planning from time to time in both networked and non-networked modes. In addition to this, the association has close ties with government organizations such as the DOT, FDA and DHS, all of which recognize the CGA standard and implement it throughout the Commonwealth. Today, the CGA has over 125 members.


2) Brief introduction to the CGA Valve for medical use

There are different standards for CGA valves in the United States, and different models of CGA valves have their own types of applicable gases. CGA provides detailed specifications for gas vessel outlet connections. They are based on the characteristics of the gas and the storage pressure. They are based on the flammability, toxicity, condition (permanent gas or liquefied) and corrosiveness of the gas. These connections are identified by a 3-digit number such as CGA555. The range of connection standards available covers most industrial, ultra-pure and medical gases in use, including medical needle index safety systems, diving bottle valves and domestic LNG.

CGA Valve for medical use is a control part of the pipeline fluid delivery system, used to change the cross section of the pathway and the direction of media flow, with the function of inflow, cut-off, throttling, check, diversion or overflow pressure relief. The valve used for CGA Valve for medical use from the simplest shut-off valve to the most complex automatic control system used in a variety of valves, its variety and specifications, the nominal diameter of the valve from the very small instrumentation valve to the diameter of up to 10m industrial pipeline with valves. Generally speaking, CGA Valve for medical use can be used to control water, steam, gas control.


3) Assembly precautions for CGA Valve for medical uses

Cleaned CGA Valve for medical use parts must be sealed and stored for installation.

Requirements for the installation process are as follows.

1, the installation workshop must ensure clean, or build a temporary clean area, for example, with newly purchased colored cloth or plastic film, etc., to prevent dust from entering in the installation process.

2, the assembly of CGA Valve for medical use workers must be dressed in clean cotton overalls, head cotton cap, hair cannot leak, feet wear clean shoes, hands wear plastic gloves, degreasing.

3, assembly of CGA Valve for medical use tools must be degreased and cleaned before assembly to ensure clean.





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