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What is a Liquefied Petroleum Gas Valve?
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What is a Liquefied Petroleum Gas Valve?

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LPG valve, also known as a cut-off door, is the most widely used valve. The reason why the LPG valve is popular is that the friction between the tight cover is small, the opening height is not large, the opening height is small, the manufacture is easy, and the maintenance is convenient. It is not only suitable for medium and low pressure, but also for high pressure.

Its closing principle is to rely on the pressure of the valve bar to make the disc sealing surface closely fit with the seat sealing surface to prevent the medium from flowing.

Compact Auto Shut Off Gas Cylinder LPG Valve


Here is the contest list:

Where can the LPG be used?

Where does the LPG from?


Where can the LPG be used?

Liquefied petroleum gas has a wide range of uses. It is mainly used for steel cylinders in many markets such as agriculture, entertainment, hotel, industry, construction, navigation and fishery, as a high-efficiency fuel container. It can be used as a fuel for cooking, central heating and water heating, and is a particularly cost-effective way to heat off-grid houses. LPG is used as a fuel in a variety of applications, including heating and cooking appliances, industrial applications, vehicles, and as a propellant and refrigerant. LPG is mainly available in the form of propane, butane or a mixture of both. A strong odorant is added to make it easy to detect.


For economic reasons, convenience or because it is the preferred fuel source, many countries use LPG for cooking.

(2)Rural heating

LPG is mainly in rural areas in Europe and many countries, and can provide electric heating, heating oil or kerosene alternatives. Liquefied petroleum gas is most commonly used in areas where pipeline natural gas cannot be used directly.

(3)Car fuel

When liquefied petroleum gas is used to fuel an internal combustion engine, it is usually called automatic gas or automatic propane. Since the 1940s, it has been used as a gasoline substitute for spark ignition engines in some countries.

(4)Convert to gasoline

Liquefied petroleum gas can be converted into alkylate, which is a high-grade gasoline blending oil because it has excellent anti-knock properties and burns cleanly.


LPG usually provides off-grid refrigeration through a gas absorption chiller.



Where does the LPG come from?

LPG is produced by refining petroleum or “wet” natural gas, and is almost entirely derived from fossil fuel sources, is manufactured during the refining (crude oil) process, or is extracted from petroleum or natural gas streams when they come out of the ground. It was first produced by Dr. Walter Snelling in 1910, and the first commercial products appeared in 1912. At present, it provides about 3% of all energy consumption, burns relatively cleanly, has no soot, and emits very little sulfur. Because it is a gas, it will not pollute the ground or water, but it will cause air pollution. Liquefied petroleum gas has a typical specific calorific value of 46.1 MJ/kg, fuel oil is 42.5 MJ/kg, and high-grade gasoline (gasoline) is 43.5 MJ/kg. However, its energy density per unit volume is 26 MJ/L, which is lower than gasoline or fuel oil because of its low relative density (about 0.5-0.58 kg/L, while 0.71-0.77 kg/L is gasoline).



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