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How to check the fire extinguisher valve?
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How to check the fire extinguisher valve?

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Long-term storage of the valve, should be a regular inspection, the exposed processing surface must be kept clean, remove dirt, when stored ball valve should be blocked at both ends and in the open state, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, both ends of the channel should be blocked and in the closed state, neatly stored in dry indoor ventilation, stacking or open storage is strictly prohibited.



How to check the fire extinguisher valve?

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1) Importance

A fire extinguisher valve before installation, must carefully check the pressure of the valve mark, the diameter of the passage is in line with the use of the requirements, eliminate the defects caused by the transport process, and eliminate the valve dirt.

When installing the fire extinguisher valve, the valve can be installed directly on the pipeline according to the connection. In general, can be installed in any position on the pipeline, but need to facilitate the operation of the maintenance, note that the direction of media flow of the globe valve should be longitudinal valve flap below upward flow, lift check valve can only be installed horizontally.

Ball valves, globe valves, gate valves, only for fully open or fully closed, not allowed to do to regulate the flow, in order to avoid erosion of the sealing surface, accelerating wear. Gate valves and threaded globe valves have inverted sealing devices, handwheel rotated to the uppermost position tightened to stop the media leakage from the packing.

Fire extinguisher valve is a ball valve, globe valve, gate valve open, close the application of the hand wheel, please do not use the lever or other tools, so as not to damage the valve parts. The handwheel rotates clockwise to close, and vice versa to open.

Fire extinguisher valve packing gland bolts should be evenly tightened, should not be pressed into a crooked state, so as not to bruise impede the movement of the valve stem or cause leakage.

Fire extinguisher valve in the process of use, should always keep clean, transmission threads must be regularly lubricated, found fault, should immediately stop using, identify the cause to clear the fault.


2) How to check the fire extinguisher valve?

The building height does not exceed 24m ground floor buildings, when the building volume exceeds 1 m06 or building height of more than 5 floors of civil buildings and more than 4 floors of plants and warehouses, in order to play the role of indoor pipeline fire extinguishing, can be set up fire pump splicer. The location of the fire pump splicer. The fire pump splicer should be located in the fire truck is easy to approach, easy to use, not to obstruct the traffic of the obvious location. The fire pump connector around the 40m range, should have a fire hydrant or fire pool for fire engines to get water. The distance from the external wall of the building should be a certain distance, generally not less than 5m. The distance between fire pump joints should not be less than 20 m to ensure the parking of fire fighting vehicles and to meet the needs of the turning radius of fire engines. The fire pump splicer should be connected to the indoor ring network, in the connected pipe sections should be set fire extinguisher valve check valve, safety valve, gate valve and drain valve. Fire extinguisher valve check valve is used to prevent the indoor fire supply network water backflow to the outdoors. Fire extinguisher valve safety valve is used to prevent excessive pressure in the pipe network.


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