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What is a fire extinguisher valve?
06 October 2021

In our lives, there are often some safety hazards, and with the use of natural gas in every household, we have also been able to improve the environment around us, but the safety hazards of natural gas are much greater than the previous burning wood and coal.

What are the types of fire extinguisher valves?
30 September 2021

Fire extinguisher valves have butterfly valves, gate valves, check valves, pressure reducing valves, wet alarm valves, signal butterfly valves, automatic exhaust valves, explosion-proof valves, safety valves.

What are the benefits of fire extinguisher valves?
08 September 2021

A check valve is a device that allows a semi-solid, liquid or gas to flow in only one direction. Check valves used in systems from residential plumbing to pharmaceutical manufacturing typically rely solely on pressure changes to manage the flow.In this article,

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fire extinguisher valves?
20 August 2021

The fire extinguisher valve has many advantages. However, fire extinguisher valves also require regular maintenance and periodic servicing.

How to check the fire extinguisher valve?
13 August 2021

Long-term storage of the valve, should be a regular inspection, the exposed processing surface must be kept clean, remove dirt, when stored ball valve should be blocked at both ends and in the open state

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