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What is a fire extinguisher valve?
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What is a fire extinguisher valve?

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In our lives, there are often some safety hazards, and with the use of natural gas in every household, we have also been able to improve the environment around us, but the safety hazards of natural gas are much greater than the previous burning wood and coal. And this time the essential fire extinguisher, and the structure of the fire extinguisher is also quite practical, as long as the fire extinguisher valve on the fire extinguisher opens you can safely use the fire extinguisher.


What is a fire extinguisher valve?

How does the fire extinguisher valve work?

Features of fire extinguisher valve


1) What is a fire extinguisher valve?

The fire extinguisher bottle stores liquid carbon dioxide, when working, when pressing the pressure handle of the fire extinguisher valve. The internal carbon dioxide extinguishing agent will be sprayed out from the siphon tube through the bottle valve to the spray barrel, so that the concentration of oxygen in the combustion area will drop rapidly, and the flame will be suffocated and extinguished when the carbon dioxide reaches sufficient concentration, and at the same time, because the liquid carbon dioxide will vaporize rapidly and absorb a lot of heat in a very short time, so it will play a certain cooling effect on the combustion material, which also helps to extinguish the fire. The fire extinguisher valve is an important part of the fire extinguishing device, if there is no fire extinguisher valve, the fire extinguisher will also lose its function.


2) How does the fire extinguisher valve work?

Here is how to use the fire extinguisher valve on the fire extinguisher:

First, in the regular use of the fire extinguisher when we have to remove the seal, which is also the fire extinguisher valve use a road strength, can effectively prevent the fire extinguisher inside the pressure reduction.

Second, pull out the combination of the fire extinguisher valve in the safety pin.

Third, according to the regular process of fire extinguishers from the source of the fire a meter away from the fire can be extinguished. This is the use of the fire extinguisher with a tube.

How to use the fire extinguisher valve of the fire extinguisher without a tube:

First, and then turn the fire extinguisher back and forth several times, take out the combination of no fire gas safety pin in the seal or key.

Second, pull out the last ring of the fire extinguisher valve insurance pin, so that you can install the regular fire extinguisher normal use method to use.

The above is how to formally pull out the fire extinguisher valve in the fire extinguisher, and the combination of fire extinguisher valve in our daily life is still quite common, such as cars, bicycles, steel mills and other places can be seen everywhere the combination of insurance pins.


3) Features of fire extinguisher valve

Single spring direct load type safety valve and pilot operated safety valve developed at the same time in modern industry, heavy hammer type, lever heavy hammer type safety valve due to its limited load size, the sense of vibration for reasons such as its use has become smaller and smaller, and single spring direct load type safety valve and pilot operated safety valve because of their respective characteristics cannot replace each other, both at the same time to send pressure lower exhibition value, so to achieve a good seal on the more difficult. difficult. This is especially true when the valve closures are metal sealing surfaces and when the valve pressure is close to the normal operating pressure of the system, which often requires special structural types and very fine processing and assembly to ensure the necessary sealing.

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