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QF-T1B SiAN Brand China Ningbo FUHUA Factory Industrial Gas CNG Cylinder Valve Brass
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QF-T1B SiAN Brand China Ningbo FUHUA Factory Industrial Gas CNG Cylinder Valve Brass

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•Model: 08-881-740
•Medium: CNG
•WP(MPa): 20MPa
•Inlet Thread: PZ27.8
  • 08-881-740
  • SiAN
  • QF-T1B CNG cylinder valve




Product Description: 

Sian(Fuhua) offers a wide range of valves, including industrial gas valves and medical gas valves. Sian committed to fluid control, creating a safe and livable environment for humans. Since 1992, we have been cooperating with domestic and overseas well-known oil & gas companies, gas cylinder companies.

SiAN valve is professional safe valve, which handels the pressure safety super well!!! SiAN gas cylinder valves do good job in safety control!!!

With SiAN brass zinc natural gas gas cylinder valve installed to industrial gas cylinders, our clients are able to use CNG safely for various industrial purposes.

Product Characteristics:

1. High pressure gas cylinder valve

2. Ningbo Fuhua Valve Factory SiAN Brand CNG gas cylinder valve

3. Brass zinc natural gas gas cylinder valve


Data Sheet:

Product Name Product Model Product ID Medium WP(MPa) Inlet Thread Outlet Thread  Nominal Diameter Φmm Safety device
Brass Zinc Natural Gas Gas Cylinder Valve QF-T1B 08-881-740 CNG 20MPa PZ27.8 1/4-18NPT-INT Φ6 30-33MPa、110±5℃

•Production Standard: GB17926-2009、ISO15500



Question 1

Question:  Can you do OEM and ODM?

Answer: Yes,we can do both.

Question 2

Question:  What do you need us to provide to receive an accurate quotation?

Answer: To request a quotation we will need the following information:

• Company details

• Size of the cylinders required to install

• Quantity required

• Valve technical drawing

• Destination port where the valves are to be delivered.

Question 3

Question:  How many colors can I choose to customize our valves?

Answer: You can choose different colors for the same type of valves or assign different colors to different typed valves.


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