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What are the benefits of using CNG valves?
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What are the benefits of using CNG valves?

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CNG is a type of eco-friendly fuel that is used everywhere in today’s domestic and industrial world. It is a gaseous compressed form of natural gas made from natural gas is extracted from the gas field, it has to go through a series of complicated processing procedures and CNG valves before it enters every household. CNG valves are mostly made of high-quality forged brass, which can resist high pressure of the containing condition of the CNG. CNG valve is mainly used to cut off, connect and adjust the gas in the pipeline, with good control characteristics and closing and sealing performance; suitable for multiple types of compressed natural gas. So, what are the benefits of using a CNG valve? Please let me introduce that to you in the following contents.

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The benefits of using CNG valves.


The benefits of using CNG valves.

As a matter of fact, the CNG valves certainly have lots of different types, in this passage, I will mainly talk about the CNG gate valve, which is one of the most common and popular CNG valves that are used nowadays. The CNG gate valve body adopts a casting structure. The valve seat adopts an O-ring seal and a floating seat structure with pre-tightening force applied to make the valve inlet and outlet two-way sealed; and the opening and closing torque of this structure are only 1/2 of that of ordinary valves, which can easily open and close the valve. The valve seat adopts the sealing surface inlaid with PTFE, which has a double seal of PTFE to metal and metal to metal, and the PTFE sealing surface simultaneously removes dirt on the gate. The gate of the valve, whether it is fully open or fully closed, is always consistent with the sealing surface, and the sealing surface is protected from direct erosion by the medium, thereby prolonging the service life. When the valve is fully opened, the passage is smooth and straight, the flow resistance coefficient is extremely small, and there is no pressure loss, and the pipeline can be cleaned with a hairball. When the valve is closed, the high pressure in the inner cavity can be automatically removed to ensure safe use. The closed gear rotation opening and closing indicator mechanism can clearly reflect the opening and closing conditions of the valve for a long time. The outer surface of the directly buried valve adopts epoxy coal tar anticorrosion treatment, which can have the same life as the pipeline. These characteristics I mentioned above are all benefits of using CNG valves.


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