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What scenarios are CNG valves applied to?
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What scenarios are CNG valves applied to?

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CNG, compressed natural gas, is used as a type of eco-friendly fuel everywhere in today’s domestic and industrial world. It is a gaseous compressed form of natural gas made from natural gas is extracted from the gas field, it has to go through a series of complicated processing procedures before it enters every household. The whole process is rigorous and orderly. So, what is scenarios are CNG valvesused? Please let me introduce them to you in the following contents.


What are CNG valves?

What are the scenarios are CNG valves applied to?


What are CNG valves?

CNG valve is a new type of safety equipment for gas pipeline engineering; it is used to cut off, connect and adjust the gas in the pipeline, with good control characteristics and closing and sealing performance. CNG valves are also suitable for city gas, natural gas, Oxygen, and other fuel gas medium pipelines. The CNG valve body is made of high-quality forged brass, which can resist high pressure. The innovative core design reduces the pressure in the internal area, thereby making the CNG valve highly safe. CNG is often pressurized to a pressure greater than or equal to 10 MPa and not greater than 25 MPa, therefore the tolerable pressure level of CNG valves is often more than 20 MPa, which is quite high.


What scenarios are CNG valves applied to?

CNG is used widely, in this passage, I will mainly discuss the domestic application of the CNG valve. In the pipeline that links the CNG to the household. The first CNG valve that CNG would encounter is called the common pipeline CNG valve, which is the main valve of the CNG controlling and transferring system. It controls the natural gas supply of the entire district. Once this valve is closed, the whole community will not have any gas to use. This type of CNG valve is generally installed outdoors, and individuals cannot move it casually. After the first CNG valve, the natural gas in the pipeline continues to advance and enters every household, and is about to start its own combustion mission. At this time, a second CNG valve is required. This CNG valve is called the front valve, as the name suggests, is the valve installed in front of the gas meter, and it is also the main gas valve at home. The CNG valve connecting the gas stove and the natural gas pipeline is called the front valve of the stove, and the CNG valve connecting the water heater and the natural gas pipeline is called the front valve of the gas water heater. The former burns a pot and the water of the latter burn. The natural gas leading to the gas stove has already started to burn. At this time, we still need a CNG valve that can easily control the fire, that is, the gas stove valve.


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